Survey of Ukrainian MPs


On 13-16 March 2012, the Gorshenin Institute polled Ukrainian lawmakers about free trade area with Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) and resolution of Parliamentary Assembly of Council of Europe (PACE).

The sample was devised taking into account the number of MPs in the factions of the Ukrainian parliament. As many as 152 lawmakers participated in the poll. The survey method is a questionnaire. The margin of error is ±6,6%.

Are you familiar with the text of the agreement on a free trade area with the CIS which was signed by Prime Minister Mykola Azarov in St Petersburg in October 2011?

  • Yes, fully – 22.4%
  • Yes, partially – 27.0%
  • No, not familiar – 50.6%

Do you personally support the ratification of the agreement on a free trade area with the CIS which was signed by Azarov in St Petersburg in October 2011?

  • Definitely yes – 21.1%
  • Probably yes – 11.2%
  • Probably no – 10.5%
  • Definitely no – 34.9%
  • No answer – 22.3%

Do you believe that Ukraine should implement the section of the PACE resolution of 26 January 2011 which deals with releasing former government officials from jail and granting them permission to run for seats in the upcoming parliamentary election?

  • Definitely yes – 49.3%
  • Probably yes – 7.2%
  • Probably no – 14.5%
  • Definitely no – 17.8%
  • No answer – 11.2%




Co-organisers: Gorshenin Institute and Friedrich Ebert Stiftung Ukraine&Belarus, with support of the National Committee for Industrial Development



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