“Morality of the Ukrainian Society: Attitudes to Death Penalty”


On 11-13 October 2011, Gorshenin Institute conducted a telephone survey about morality in Ukrainian society.

As many as 1,000 randomly sampled adults, aged 18 years and older, living in all Ukrainian regions, as well as the cities of Kiev and Sevastopol were interviewed. The region, sex and age of respondents were selected as quotas. The maximum margin of sampling error is +/-3.2 percentage points.

Do you support the return of the death penalty in Ukraine?

(you can choose several options)

  • No, regardless of the circumstances – 30.8%
  • Yes, for serious crimes against people (murder) – 38.4%
  • Yes, for raping a minor (paedophilia) – 25.7%
  • Yes, for producing and distributing drugs – 14.9%
  • Yes, state authorities for taking especially large bribes – 14.3%
  • Yes, for organizing a terrorist act – 6.7%
  • Yes, for appropriating state-owned property – 5.6%
  • Yes, for staging a state coup – 4.2%
  • Yes, for attempting to kill the president of the country – 3.8%
  • Yes, for treason (spying to serve the interests of another country) – 3.2%
  • Yes, for other crimes – 2.9%
  • No answer – 2.6%

Are you personally for or against the legalization of euthanasia (suicide with medical assistance) in Ukraine?

(you can choose several options)

  • Categorically against regardless of circumstances – 37.1%
  • Yes, in the case of a fatal disease which makes a sick person suffer – 36.8%
  • Yes, if one wishes to do so without any explanations – 15.7%
  • Yes, in the case of a long-term comma – 8.2%
  • Yes, when one is old and after becoming a certain age – 2.5%
  • No answer – 5.3%

Do you condemn those who commit suicide?

  • Condemn – 59.7%
  • Do not condemn – 26.1%
  • No answer – 14.2%

How frequently do you think about death?

  • Frequently – 15.4%
  • Sometimes – 45.8%
  • Never – 38.8%

In your opinion, why does one adhere to moral norms?

  • Personal convictions – 52.3%
  • To look good – 35.8%
  • Other – 2.4%
  • No answer – 9.5%




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