"Tax laws in Ukraine"


On November 6th-8th, 2010, Gorshenin Institute has conducted the phone survey «Tax laws in Ukraine».

A total of 1000 respondents age 18 or older representing all 25 regional centers, Kiev and Sebastopol, were selected at random following a systematic procedure aimed at filling sex, age and community quotas. The margin of error is no higher then +/-3.2%.

In your opinion should tax law in Ukraine be changed?

Definitely yes – 42.8%

Most likely yes – 23.4%

Most likely no – 9.8%

Definitely no – 6.7%

Don’t have an answer – 17.3%

Have you heard that the CMU and the VRU are drafting a new Tax Code?

Yes – 75.8%

No – 10.3%

Don’t have an answer – 13.9%

What is your attitudes towards the people that avoid paying taxes?

I understand them – 31.4%

I judge them – 26.5%

I don’t care – 25.3%

Don’t have an answer – 16.8%

In your opinion if the state is not fulfilling its obligations before its citizens can tax avoidance be justified?

Yes– 63.7%

No – 17.8%

Don’t have an answer – 18.5%

Why in your opinion many people in Ukraine don’t pay taxes?

(multiple choices are permissible)

Taxes are too high, the entrepreneurs won’t be able to stay afloat paying all the taxes – 65.6%

Taxes are not being paid because these money are not used appropriately, not to serve tax payers’ interests – 52.3%

People are not accustomed to pay taxes voluntarily – 27.2%

Other – 3.6%

Don’t have an answer – 4.1%

What should be done in Ukraine to encourage its people to pay taxes?

(multiple choices are permissible)

Lower taxes – 55.4%

Refine the laws – 53.2%

Eliminate corruption amongst the tax authorities – 35.4%

Reinforce public control over government spending– 26.2%

Impose harsher sanction for tax evasion – 18,3%

Increase the level of public conscience – 13,4%

Give tax authorities additional powers– 6.7%

Other – 4.2%

Don’t have an answer – 6.2%




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