"Explosions in Makeyevka"


On January 24th through January 26th, 2011, Gorshenin Institute has conducted a phone survey "Explosions in Makeyevka".

A total of 1000 respondents age 18 or older representing all 25 regional centers, Kiev and Sebastopol, were selected at random following a systematic procedure aimed at filling sex, age and community quotas. The margin of error is no higher then +/-3.2%. Results of the survey conducted among the residents of Makeyevka are presented separately.

(Makeyevka residents' answers are indicated in the parentheses)

Have you heard or are you aware of the explosions in Makeyevka?

Yes – 86.1% (99.2%)

No – 13.3% (0.8%)

Can not answer the question – 0.6% (0.0%)

In your opinion, explosions in Makeyevka are:

(multiple choices are permissible)

A terrorist attack – 22.3% (8.6%)

An attempt to cover up economic crimes – 17.5% (30.8%)

An attempt to divert people's attention from other problems in the country – 16.3% (14.8%)

Politically motivated crime – 14.5% (10.9%)

A crime committed with the purpose of extortion of money – 13.3% (18.8%)

Other – 7.8% (10.9%)

Can not answer the question – 21.7% (18.0%)

In your opinion, is there a terrorist threat in Ukraine?

Definitely yes – 38.0% (21.9%)

Rather yes – 19.3% (18.0%)

Rather no – 17.5% (21.1%)

Definitely no – 22.9% (31.3%)

Can not answer the question – 2.3% (7.7%)

Are you personally afraid to be outside, visit public places due to the possible terrorist threat?

Definitely yes – 9.0% (13.3%)

Rather yes – 7.8% (3.9%)

Rather no – 8.4% (7.0%)

Definitely no – 73.5% (71.9%)

Can not answer the question – 1.3% (3.9%)

In your opinion, will Ukrainian law enforcement be able to track down individuals responsible for the explosions in Makeyevka?

Definitely yes – 12.7% (18.4%)

Most likely – 17.5% (17.1%)

Unlikely – 21.7% (21.1%)

Definitely no – 39.8% (34.2%)

Can not answer the question – 8.3% (9.2%)




Co-organisers: Gorshenin Institute and Friedrich Ebert Stiftung Ukraine&Belarus, with support of the National Committee for Industrial Development



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