Self-Portrait. Ukraine 2010


The third Gorshenin Institute's Annual Social Research Report reflects the attitudes of Ukrainian citizens towards the most painful problems of the modern world.

As in previous years during 2009 on a regular basis we asked Ukrainians – big cities’ and small villages’ residents, students, retirees, workers, people with various levels of income and different world-views – what their opinions are on a variety of issues.

We were interested in what they think about geopolitical choice of Ukraine, how to handle the economic crisis, also we wanted to know the motives that drive peoples’ opinions – either they are more political views or basic needs.

We wanted to understand the psychology of our people. We wanted to paint the general portrait of society that is called Ukrainian Nation.


Ukrainians are proud of their Motherland

Ukrainians consider their country to be a self-reliant and independent state

Crisis put economic and social problems in the spotlight

Material well-being of Ukrainians is at its lowest

Ukrainians want to see their country as an independent state

Ukrainians want to see Ukraine as a neutral state

Ukrainians are not ready for rapprochement with Russia on the institutional level

Ukrainians demonstrate pragmatism on the matter of Ukraine's European integration

Corrupt authorities are the biggest problem in Ukraine

Ukrainians appreciate the importance of democratic government

Ukrainians want to have influence on their government but don't see real means to do that

The number of citizens calling for implementation of law and order is rising

Ukrainians consider opposition to be an indispensable element of civil society

Ukrainians are concerned about the future of freedom of speech and democracy

Ukrainians are tired of the economic crisis and don't believe that government can tackle it

Ukrainians don't trust Ukrainian financial system

Corruption in Ukraine is getting out of hand

Corruption is an integral part of Ukrainians’ lives

Ukrainains don't trust their judicial system

Ukrainian citizens want government to act in accordance with moral principles

Ukrainians want government to be more responsible

Chernobyl - pain in the hearts of Ukrainians

Ukrainians are against GMO's

Ukrainians value their freedom of choice

Ukrainians are against election fraud

Ukrainians are concerned with their safety

State is not capable to secure personal safety for its citizens

Ukrainians are concerned about the drop of moral values in their society

Ukrainians' core values

Ukrainians' moral taboos

Ukrainian society is divided regarding capital punishment and euthanasia

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Almost 60% want Ukraine in EU – poll by Gorshenin Institute

The figure has not changed much since May 2018.

Ukraine’s first survey on AI presented in Kyiv

Experts insist on the need to form a National Strategy for innovative environment development within the framework of a public-private partnership and raise international investment for research.

Half of Ukrainians support NATO entry – poll by Gorshenin Institute

Some 11.5% failed to make up their mind.
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