Lawmakers name Ukraine's biggest challenges in 2017

The greatest of threats are political squabbles, failures in foreign policy and the conflict in Donbas.

Privatbank's nationalization was inevitable but untimely – experts

Experts shared their predictions on the aftermath of the deal with

"Visa-free travel is not an issue of Ukraine but the EU and the whole world"

The experts interviewed by Gorshenin Institute have shared cautious optimism about the EU granting a visa-free status to Ukraine in the near future. However, they said it was too early for Ukrainian diplomats and civil society to be complacent…

Gorshenin Institute pundit analyses Trump's new team

The biggest intrigue is whether Trump can replace the House of Representatives speaker with his loyalist.

Nostalgia for 80s made Trump president - Gorshenin Institute vice-president

Trump's voters were outsiders in the last decade's political life.

Gorshenin Institute: Trump administration, Congress may lock horns

Major haggling is only starting.

Trump's win. Farewell to stereotypes

From 2 to 12 November, a group of consultants representing Gorshenin Institute monitors the final stretch of the US presidential election campaign in New York, Virginia, Pennsylvania and Washington. During the working visit, they talked to…

Trump came as symbol of change - Gorshenin Institute expert

Trump won the fight in novelty and surprise segment.

Ukraine yet to become a mature state - Gorshenin Institute expert

A country with a vibrant civil society must have functioning public institutions.

Both US candidates' HQs work to fan conflict - Gorshenin Institute

A commentary by the director of political programmes at Gorshenin Institute, Yevhen Kurmashov.

Hillary Clinton wins from Trump's evacuation incident - expert

His opponents use the incident to portray Trump as a coward.

Trump seeks to offset Clinton mobilising young voters – expert

"The Republican candidate says that turning campaign events into concerts, the way Hillary Clinton does it, is a distraction."

Analysts lower bar Clinton can clear, but she is still in the lead – expert

"If Hillary wins at least one of three states, Ohio, North Carolina or Florida, she is likely to become president."

Clinton has advantage in resources, but Trump may defy rules and win - expert

The chances of Clinton and Trump to win can be assessed as 60 to 40.

Normandy Four meeting is fraught with non-obvious results and surprises, says president of Gorshenin Institute

All Normandy Four leaders work for their domestic audiences.

Live stream from VI National Expert Forum

The event is organised by Gorshenin Institute.

Ukrainians would have voted for EU in referendum - Gorshenin Institute president

The delegation of Gorshenin Institute took part in a colloquium.

What Brexit means for the UK, the world and Ukraine

Great Britain is the first out of 28 member states to leave the EU. has collected expert opinions on the possible consequences of the Brexit for the global and Ukrainian economy, and Kiev's European integration.

Divorce Crimean style?

The fact that official Kyiv lacks real tools to solve the problem of Crimea's occupation is a good prerequisite for a campaign to drive a wedge between the Ukrainian state and that part of Crimean Tatar elites which does not recognize the occupying…

Gorshenin Institute presents "Ukraine two years after Maidan" report in Paris

On 12 May 2016, Gorshenin Institute presented in Paris the report entitled "Ukraine two years after the Maidan" as part of a public debate organized by the Paris Analytical Centre of the French Institute of International Relations (IFRI - Institut…

Gorshenin Institute: Yatsenyuk may have to keep on until snap election

The only option is to put all the previously reached agreements to vote in a package.

Gorshenin Institute: Attacks on diplomatic missions of Russian Federation as precondition of legitimate base for intrusion

The Ukrainian government is to immediately strengthen the security of Russian diplomatic missions and other agencies of the Russian Federation state structures in the territory of Ukraine. Moreover, this is to be done in a demonstrated way…

Gorshenin Institute: Ukraine's leaders choose right tactic to protest strategic interests

Judging by the recent foreign policy efforts, including Foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin's firm stand at the Paris talks on 3 March, Ukraine is now more confident of its position, Gorshenin Institute President Vadym Omelchenko has told

Gorshenin Institute head: Great war of smear campaigns ahead

The prime minister’s team will not hang back, the expert says.


A round table to be held Thursday, 25 February 2016, at 11:00 at Gorshenin Institute

Russian hills. Waiting for Super Tuesday (Yevhen Kurmashov)

Another round of party primaries in the US presidential election took place last week. The Republican primaries held in South Carolina brought Donald Trump a rather predictable victory with a confident lead over his competitors – Senators Marco…

Over 42 per cent of Ukrainians want early parliamentary election

And 46.2 per cent are against the idea.

Russian hills 2016. Round One. Early states (Yevhen Kurmashov)

Finally what everyone has been expecting from the US presidential election has happened. Donald Trump scored his first crushing victory over his opponents in the Republican Party primaries while Hillary Clinton suffered an equally crushing…

Kurmashov: Crimea back in European spotlight

The European Parliament's tough resolution is an answer to the "Russian winter" in German, the political programmes director at Gorshenin Institute has suggested.

Minister's resignation signals government crisis - Gorshenin Institute

The candidacy of a new economic development and trade minister may add some clarity.

Gorshenin Institute: Poroshenko's German visit a success

The German chancellor no longer demands the unilateral implementation of the Minsk agreements by Ukraine.

Russia courts West to have sanctions lifted, - expert

By putting state stocks in large companies up for sale, Russia pursues several goals.

Gorshenin Institute sees no preconditions for parliamentary crisis

There is no political demand for a change of status quo, experts say.

Cologne flashmob

Reports about the Cologne incident continue to sip into European mass media. Although the information space is believed to be quite open, there is no breakthrough or sensation this time. Some have already described this reaction to the New…



Almost 60% want Ukraine in EU – poll by Gorshenin Institute

The figure has not changed much since May 2018.

Ukraine’s first survey on AI presented in Kyiv

Experts insist on the need to form a National Strategy for innovative environment development within the framework of a public-private partnership and raise international investment for research.

Half of Ukrainians support NATO entry – poll by Gorshenin Institute

Some 11.5% failed to make up their mind.
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