​Tupac Shakur and Map of the Russian Empire

Orientation towards the destabilising of the Ukrainian regions is becoming a trend again. Activities in this direction have been reduced to a minimum over the recent months, however, now the Kremlin has returned to the concept of a forceful…

A few things from psychoanalysis practice

Russia's strategy is built on phobias and fits into its own map of the world, which is viewed by the aggressor as unalterable. Due to this particular reason, Moscow's strategy is pathological and flawed. The only question is the price which…

There exists possibility of full-scale invasion of Russian army in Ukraine - Gorshenin Institute President

Putin shows success on European diplomatic arena - Vadym Omelchenko

IV National Expert Forum “From the Revolution to a New Country”

The Gorshenin Institute on 17 June held the IV National Expert Forum “From the Revolution to a New Country”. During three panel discussions, honored guests, experts and journalists discussed Ukraine’s foreign policy, state of economy and distribution…

Experts discuss Ukraine’s foreign policy, state of economy and distribution of power

IV National Expert Forum “From the Revolution to a New Country”

A key to understanding Putin’s motives

Today, perhaps, there isn’t a single thinking person in the world who isn’t trying to find the answer to the question about the ultimate goals of the Russian President. We, as experts, every day hear the same question from politicians, diplomats…

Will Ukraine become a new flashpoint on Europe’s map?

The situation in Ukraine is developing very rapidly. Over several months, Ukraine has gone through peaceful opposition to a situation where a de facto state of emergency has been introduced in the country, writes Viktor Sokolov.

Scenario of resolving the conflict with the use of force currently remains the most probable, - expert

Gorshenin Institute's expert Kostyantyn Vynokurov comments on the situation in Ukraine for news agency Armedia

Everybody continue fighting infantilism

As confrontation takes extreme forms, Ukrainians should leave their illusions behind and not count on help from any side, be it the EU, Russia, the leadership or the opposition.

​Some assessment of the Ukraine-Russia relations development in 2013

The Gorshenin Institute experts try to analyse the essence of the recent Russian-Ukrainian arrangements and to forecast the further development of the situation both inside Ukraine and in its foreign policy



Almost 60% want Ukraine in EU – poll by Gorshenin Institute

The figure has not changed much since May 2018.

Ukraine’s first survey on AI presented in Kyiv

Experts insist on the need to form a National Strategy for innovative environment development within the framework of a public-private partnership and raise international investment for research.

Half of Ukrainians support NATO entry – poll by Gorshenin Institute

Some 11.5% failed to make up their mind.
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