Ukrainian Protest Chronicles. Ukrainian Media Attitude

In the tensed situation in Ukraine today, the Gorshenin Institute experts analyse both the essential senses and the resources used in the political battle occurring today in Ukraine.

Protest activity fading, - Gorshenin Institute experts

Ukrainian opposition leaders don`t want to assume responsibility to reform the country, experts say.

The conflicting sides have completed the preparation for the implementation of the radical scenario, - Gorshenin Institute experts

Both the power and the protesters on Maidan have completed the preparation for radical developments.

Opposition has no legitimate methods left to break the political situation, - Gorshenin Institute experts

The yesterday’s vote in the Parliament has shown that the opposition has not succeeded in applying the legitimate scenario of reformatting the majority with the consequent adoption of laws, including the one on the government dismissal.

Russia does not give up its attempts to gain control over Ukrainian GTS, - expert

EurActiv asked Oleksii Leshchenko, Vice-President of the Gorshenin Institute to comment on the latest energy developments in Ukraine.

The main demand of Independence Square protesters is the resignation of the President and Government – poll

The results of a poll carried out by Gorshenin Institute among participants in the demonstration at Kiev's Independence Square suggest that the chief demand of the protesters is the resignation of the Ukrainian president and the current government…

Ukraine made its choice

The regime in Ukraine may be tempted to declare state of emergency and use force, but this scenario is highly undesirable as it may lead to the split of Ukraine and the loss of its statehood. Here the role of the Ukrainian opposition is extremely…

An emergency state scenario seems to be launched - Gorshenin Institute

The scenario of introducing the emergency state seems as being launched in Ukraine. Everything depends on the level of the opposition leaders` control over the situation on Maidan.

The events will not follow the Belarusian or Yugoslavian scenario, it will be the Ukrainian one, - Gorshenin Institute

There were two major scenarios plausible to develop in Ukraine as of the last Friday evening.

Suspending the process of European integration is Ukraine's last effort in its bargaining with the EU, - opinion

Ukrainian authorities will continue implementing a strategy of maneuvering, Gorshenin Institute's president said

Ukraine and Gazprom can be on good terms if there is a transparent domestic market, - Gorshenin Institute's vice-president

"Although European countries are dependent on the import of gas, including from Russia, they have [access to] alternative supplies of this fuel, whereas Ukraine has no options", Oleksiy Leshchenko, vice-president at the Gorshenin Institute…

Association agreement Ukraine-EU might become the main geopolitical accomplishment for the current leaders of the European structures, - Gorshenin Institute's president

In an exclusive commentary for Gorshenin Weekly, the Gorshenin Institute's President Vadym Omelchenko said: “The association agreement with Ukraine might become the main geopolitical accomplishment for the current leaders of the European structures…

Experts see Ukraine as potential regional shale gas leader

On 8 July 2013, a roundtable discussion organized by the Gorshenin Institute was conducted where experts discussed the prospects of shale gas extraction in Ukraine.

Second National Expert Forum conducted in Ukraine

On 30 May 2013 the Second National Expert Forum was held in Kyiv: “Ukraine-2013. Agenda”. The Forum was organized by the Gorshenin Institute.

Minsk memorandum is a victory without rights and obligations – expert

The memorandum on participating in the work of the Customs Union and the Eurasian Economic Commission is a tactical victory of Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych in the foreign policy domain. The essence of the victory lies in the fact that…

Gorshenin Institute head warns against comparing political situation in Ukraine and Russia

Ukraine is still a democracy despite some authoritarian tendencies

Ukrainians capable of "arming themselves with ballots" to make "quiet revolution" – Gorshenin Institute head

The sixth forum "Europe-Ukraine" commences with a report by the Gorshenin Institute

Probability of extending the mandate of the Cox-Kwasniewski mission has increased, - president of the Gorshenin Institute

The president of the Gorshenin Institute, Vadym Omelchenko, believes that the probability of extending the mandate of the Cox-Kwasniewski mission has increased.

Lutsenko freed thanks to Kwasniewski-Cox mission, Putin – Gorshenin Institute president

The policy of maneuvering and bluffing is no longer effective in Ukraine's relations with the EU and Russia.

Generation Next is an enormous resource for Ukraine's development – Gorshenin Institute head

If Ukrainian society and the authorities do not place their stakes on youth in all walks of life, this enormous resource for the country's development will be lost for good.

Association Agreement is the best available offer Ukraine has today, - Arnoldas Pranckevicius

The EU-Ukraine summit has once again confirmed that this year could prove to be defining for Ukraine's future.

A bilateral consortium managing the Ukrainian gas transport system is highly unlikely – expert

It is highly unlikely today that a bilateral consortium will be set up to manage the Ukrainian gas transport system, the political programme director of the Gorshenin Institute, Yevhen Kurmashov, has told the news and analysis website…

2013 to be turning point for EU-Ukraine relations – expert forecast

The second phase of the national expert forum "UKRAINE 2013: FORECAST" organized by the Gorshenin Institute took place on 11 February 2013.

“There will be no global economic collapse,” experts predict

The first stage of the national expert forum "UKRAINE-2013: FORECAST" organized by theGorshenin Institute took place on 6 February.

Ukrainians' "suppressed anger" may provoke social transformations, experts forecast

The first stage of the national expert forum "UKRAINE-2013: FORECAST" organized by the Gorshenin Institute took place on 6 February.

Shale gas extraction in Ukraine no earlier than in three years - Gorshenin Institute

The arrival of transnational energy corporations like Shell, Exxon Mobil and Chevron will have a positive effect on the Ukrainian gas market, Volodymyr Zastava, an expert with the Gorshenin Institute, has said on the news TV channel 5 Kanal…



Almost 60% want Ukraine in EU – poll by Gorshenin Institute

The figure has not changed much since May 2018.

Ukraine’s first survey on AI presented in Kyiv

Experts insist on the need to form a National Strategy for innovative environment development within the framework of a public-private partnership and raise international investment for research.

Half of Ukrainians support NATO entry – poll by Gorshenin Institute

Some 11.5% failed to make up their mind.
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