Ukraine-EU relations - survey

About one-third of Ukrainians (33,7%) consider the relations between the European Union and Ukraine as friendly.

Ukraine doesn’t have any problems with existing laws, their application is problematic though - experts

Gorshenin Institute has asked experts about the investment climate in Ukraine and also in what Ukrainian assets Western investors would be interested most of all in the upcoming year.

Will Yulia Tymoshenko become a ‘Ukrainian Khodorkovsky’? - Experts

On December 15th, 2010 the Prosecutor generals’ Office (PGO) opened a criminal case against the head of ‘Batkivschyna’ Party Yulia Tymoshenko. Also the PGO confirmed that Y.Tymoshenko had been released on her own recognizance. The Gorshenin…

What economic alliance would Ukraine benefit most from?

Gorshenin Institute conducted a round table "What would Ukraine benefit most from - entering Free Trade Zone with the European Union or joining the Customs Union with Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan?". Among the participants were political…

Ukrainians think that a court ruling or a deputy's mandate in Ukraine can be bought - national phone survey

Majority of Ukrainians (60.1%) think that it is possible for anyone in our country to buy a court ruling.

European experts about the European Parliament resolution on Ukraine

The Gorshenin Institute has asked experts about the key positive and negative aspects of the resolution on Ukraine adopted by the European Parliament.

Every tenth Ukrainian doesn’t know the new Tax Code is being drafted - phone survey

Majority of the respondents (66.2%) think that the tax laws in Ukraine should be replaced.

The role of the Ukrainian Parliament has been minimized - Experts

Gorshenin Institute has asked the experts regarding the probable date for the upcoming Parliamentary elections in Ukraine and also the results do the past local elections.

During election campaigns Ukrainians prefer to get their information from television - survey

Majority of the Ukrainians (72.6%) take interest in political news programs and analytical shows.

Has Ukrainian air transportation market been monopolized? - Experts

The State Property Fund of Ukraine (SPFU) intends to sell state-owned shares of «International Ukrainian Airlines» (IUA) - 61.6% of shares, and «AeroSvit - Ukrainian Airlines» - 22.4% of shares.

Will Ukraine have to bow and scrape before Europe? – Experts

On October 13th during his working visit to Brussels (Belgium) Ukrainian Prime-Minister Nikolay Azarov said that it was too early and premature to talk about the concrete dates for signing the Free Trade Zone Agreement between Ukraine and…

Ukrainians don't believe that the Ukrainian Army is capable to protect their country - survey

Majority of the respondents (74.0%) think that the Ukrainian Army is in a bad condition.

Every issue related to the extend of powers of the current Government from now on will be taken to the Constitutional Court - Experts

Last Friday, October 1st Constitutional Court of Ukraine (CCU) ruled in favor of canceling the Constitutional reform of 2004. Gorshenin Institute asked the experts about the consequences of returning to the Constitution of 1996 or the state…

Return of Zaporozhye Aluminum Complex to the Sate of Ukraine - test for Ukrainian-Russian relations? – Experts

Prosecutor General's Office of Ukraine is pushing for Ukraine's getting back the ownership of the biggest aluminum producer in Ukraine - Zaporozhye Aluminum Complex (ZAlC). Today this Plant is owned by RUSAL - one of the largest global aluminum…

Will the opposition resolve to boycott the elections? - Experts

Recently "Batkivschyna" Party Leader Yulia Tymoshenko issued an open letter to President Viktor Yanukovych where she has accused him of having committed a raid on "Batkivschyna" Party and declared that if the Party of Regions continued to…

New Tax Code will destroy the middle class in Ukraine - Experts

Gorshenin Institute asked the experts about the probability of Verkhovna Rada adopting a new Tax Code and also about the advantages and flaws of this legislation.

Is corruption in the way of passing the Law «On Compulsory Medical Insurance»? – Experts

Minister of Health of Ukraine Zinoviy Mytnyk said that his Ministry is drafting a number of bills, that will prepare the ground for implementing a compulsory medical insurance system in Ukraine. Gorshenin Institute asked the experts about…

Without forming a union with "Gazprom" will Ukraine survive in the business of gas transit? - Experts

Gorshenin Institute has asked the experts about the probability of the merger of Russian "Gazprom" and the Ukrainian sate-owned company "Naftogaz Ukrainy" and about the possible positive and negative outcome of this alliance.

Only one sixth Ukrainian is ready to pay more for gas to preserve Ukraine's Independence - survey

More than half of Ukrainians (52.3%) define Independence as independence from neighboring countries.

If a strong president comes to power he unavoidably tries to expand his powers - Experts

During one of the most recent sessions Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine adopted the Law "On fundamentals of internal and foreign policies". One of the amendments to this piece of legislation, proposed by a "BYuT" member, specifies the definition…

Ukrainians' positive attitude regarding Ukraine's independence is growing - survey

Majority of the respondents (75.3%) are proud to be the citizens of Ukraine.

Investors are interested in the Ukrainian Agricultural sector and food industry - Experts

In the first half of 2010 the volume of Mergers and Acquisitions transactions on a public market in Ukraine grew almost 4 times in comparison with the last year's numbers according to the News Agency Mergermarket.

Increase in the retirement age - the point of contention for parliamentary coalition - Experts

One of the breaking news over the last few days became the disclosure of the content of the Memorandum between the International Monetary Fund and Ukraine that revealed the conditions under which Ukraine got the credit from the IMF.

Western investors as opposed to Russian businesses are afraid to come to Ukraine - Experts

In the first half of 2010 a number of large companies in Ukraine were bought by representatives of the Russian capital. Thus, two major Ukrainian metallurgic companies "Zaporozhstal" and " ISD" Corporation ("Industrial Donbas Union"), one…

Patriarch Kirill visits Ukraine - "Russian World" or Dissidence of Ukrainian Orthodoxy? - Experts

The Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia Kirill has visited Ukraine this week. Gorshenin Institute has asked experts as to real gоal and possible consequences of this visit.

Ukrainians don't trust their Government - Experts

From July 17th until July 18th 2010 Gorshenin Iinstitute has carried out the phone survey "Increase in gas prices for Ukrainian households" which showed that majority of Ukrainians knew about the tariffs increase and supposes that it would…

Increase in gas prices for households will have a negative effect on the material well-being of Ukrainian families - survey

1. The fact that a number of Ukrainian aware of increase in gas prices only proves that majority of our citizens are worried about this matter.

Ukrainian Government is increasing gas prices in order to fill the budget gap

Regarding the upcoming gas prices increase for domestic use, Gorshenin Institute expert Vladimir Zastava notes that the main goal of this measure is to fill the budget gap.

Ukrainians support creation of health insurance system in Ukraine but are rather skeptical about the consequences of this reform

1. Ukrainians confirm that Ukrainian health care system is corrupt. Many have faced the situations of direct extortion in the sate medical facilities, majority of Ukrainians pay for their health care.

New law on local elections in Ukraine distorts expression of Ukrainians’ political views

Following the adoption by Verkhovna Rada in the first reading of the new Law on Local Elections Gorshenin Institute has conducted a round table “Boycotting local elections – prospects, expectations and consequences”.

"Yanukovych’s first 100 days" - survey

1. «Government’s Honey Moon still continues”. Most Ukrainians gave a positive evaluation of the 100 days in power of Victor Yanukovych as the President of Ukraine. The balance of public expectations is still overwhelmingly in his favor.

Ukrainians are against the breach of the Constitution by the Parliament - Survey

Majority of Ukrainians (63,0%) think that Ukraine needs a coalition in Verchovna Rada because it is up to the majority in the Parliament to make decisions important to the country and then bear responsibility for those decisions.

Ukrainians don't want to unite neither with Russia nor with European Union - Survey

Less than a half of Ukrainians (42,1%) consider current state of relations between Ukraine and Russia to be unfriendly.



Almost 60% want Ukraine in EU – poll by Gorshenin Institute

The figure has not changed much since May 2018.

Ukraine’s first survey on AI presented in Kyiv

Experts insist on the need to form a National Strategy for innovative environment development within the framework of a public-private partnership and raise international investment for research.

Half of Ukrainians support NATO entry – poll by Gorshenin Institute

Some 11.5% failed to make up their mind.
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