Ukrainian financial institutions will get larger next year - experts

Gorshenin Institute carried out the expert opinion survey on whether we are looking at a new wave of mergers and acquisitions of banks, insurance companies and other financial institutions in Ukraine after the presidential elections.

Do Ukrainians feel safe in their neighboorhoods - survey

65% of Ukrainians think that the crime rate in the country is rather high.

Yuschenko`s circles see Yanukovych as lesser evil in comparison with Tymoshenko - expert opinion

Yuschenko’s campaign managers think that Victor Yanukovych is a lesser evil than Yulia Tymoshenko.

Are Ukrainians willing to buy genetically modified products - survey

Almost 90% of Ukrainians are against the import of products treated with Genetically Modified Organisms.

Consensus between Ukrainian politicians before presidential elections is highly unlikely - experts

IMF has refused to give Ukraine the forth tranche of the stand-by loan. IMF Chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn said that the Fund will continue cooperation with Ukraine if there is a consensus between all government branches which will most likely…

Gas Agreements revision will create more risks for Ukraine - experts

Ukrainian and Russian experts expressed their opinions in a survey carried out by Gorshenin Institute regarding Yuschenko’s statements that Yulia Tymoshenko in cooperation with “Naftogas Ukrainy” has to revise Ukraine’s agreement with Russia…

Only yesterday Ukrainians were not concerned with swine flu pandemic - survey

Only yesterday almost half of Ukrainians didn’t think that A/H1N1 would come to Ukraine.

What Ukrainians think about introduction of immunization record cards - survey

Ukrainians oppose the introduction of Immunization Record Cards.

Implementation of mandatory vaccination in Ukraine might have hidden agenda - experts

Before adopting any mandatory vaccination laws, Government should restore people’s trust in this procedure.

Most Ukrainians are angry with political pedogate - survey

Majority of Ukrainians (78.5%) have heard about the scandal concerning Artek International Youth Recreation Center.

Budget of convenience will not be approved because of political disagreements - experts

This year the process of budget approval coincided with the beginning of presidential campaign. Gorshenin Institute gathered expert opinion on the likelihood of Budget-2010 being approved this year and the consequences of approval’s failure…

Two politicians will compete for the highest office in the country - experts opinion

On October 15th in Donetsk Head of Gorshenin Institute Kost Bondarenko held a press-conference “Ukraine on the Eve of presidential elections” where the question of the main presidential hopefuls’ chances was discussed.

Reflections on “The death of dollar” are similar to “Judgment Day” talk - experts

After The Independent has published its sensational editorial about secret talks between a number of countries to replace dollar with other currencies in oil transactions and numerous retractions that followed from top officials of “conspiring…

Ukrainians are for canceling of deputy immunity - survey

More than 90% of Ukrainians are for canceling of the deputy immunity.

Ukrainians do not pay attention to crisis any more - survey

Ukrainians do not pay attention to the crisis any more.

Tigipko may seize votes from Yanukovych and Yatseniuk

Experts believe that at the upcoming presidential election Serhiy Tigipko may seize votes from Party of Regions leader Victor Yanukovych and Front of Changes leader Arseniy Yatseniuk.

Every third Ukrainian lacks means for food - survey

As of today, every third Ukrainian lacks means for food.




Gorshenin Institute, Friedrich Ebert Foundation present "Ukrainian society and European values" survey

Ukrainian and German experts, representatives of the German Foreign Ministry, OSCE, members of the Bundestag, the European Parliament and journalists discussed the issues of mutual relations with Ukraine. 

The French elections, seen from Ukraine

Ahead of France’s presidential election, Ukraine’s experience shows that opinion polls may be skewed by underlying hatred of the ruling classes and institutions. President of the Gorshenin Institute Vadym Omelchenko warns that ultra-conservatism…

Lawmakers name Ukraine's biggest challenges in 2017

The greatest of threats are political squabbles, failures in foreign policy and the conflict in Donbas.
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