​For the first time, there is a leader of a state who is willing to use nuclear weapons as an offensive means, - President of the Gorshenin Institute.


Psychological preparation of the Russian citizens for an inevitable nuclear World War 3 has become one of the major propaganda trends.

For the first time in the contemporary history, a leader of a nuclear power has appeared who is not only able, but is also willing to use the nuclear potential not as a containment tool, but as an offensive means. This was said by the Gorshenin Institute President Vadym Omelchenko when commenting on the article “Putin threat of nuclear showdown over Baltics”, published on 2 April 2015 by British The Times.

The publication, referring to western intelligence forces, reports that Russian President Vladimir Putin uses threatening with nuclear weapons to make the NATO withdraw from the Russian border and leave the Baltics and Ukraine face to face with the Kremlin.

Vadym Omelchenko noted that the willingness of the Russian President to be the first to use the nuclear weapons is of key importance in these plans.

“Unlike his colleagues and predecessors, Putin is a representative of a different political culture. The governance-related reality in Russia today is new, and it differs from, say, the soviet one”, the Gorshenin Institute President stressed.

“It is also important to note that the psychological preparation of the Russian citizens for an inevitable nuclear World War 3 has become one of the major propaganda trends in the recent months”, the expert pointed out.

In his opinion, the situation demands the most thorough attention of the global politicians, as “it is much harder to deal with subjective intentions than with the objective reality”.

“I will dare assume that the location of the use of the nuclear weapons is not so important. This might be the Baltics, but also the areas of concentration of the ISIS militants. In this case, the fact of the use as a historical precedent is important to Putin “, summarized the Gorshenin Institute President.




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