Gorshenin Institute is a think tank aimed to research social and political processes in Ukraine and in the world. The Institute follows with a special focus Ukraine’s relations with the EU, its European integration and democracy processes.

The Institute is an expert and communications platform for discussions on topical issues of national and international agenda. Regular round  tables, expert discussions and press-conferences on the topical issues in Ukraine and in the world are organized at Gorshenin Institute.



Divorce Crimean style?

The fact that official Kyiv lacks real tools to solve the problem of Crimea's occupation is a good prerequisite for a campaign to drive a wedge between the Ukrainian state and that part of Crimean Tatar elites which does not recognize the occupying…

Gorshenin Institute presents "Ukraine two years after Maidan" report in Paris

On 12 May 2016, Gorshenin Institute presented in Paris the report entitled "Ukraine two years after the Maidan" as part of a public debate organized by the Paris Analytical Centre of the French Institute of International Relations (IFRI - Institut…

Gorshenin Institute: Yatsenyuk may have to keep on until snap election

The only option is to put all the previously reached agreements to vote in a package.

Gorshenin Institute: Attacks on diplomatic missions of Russian Federation as precondition of legitimate base for intrusion

The Ukrainian government is to immediately strengthen the security of Russian diplomatic missions and other agencies of the Russian Federation state structures in the territory of Ukraine. Moreover, this is to be done in a demonstrated way…
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